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Operational Excellence
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 We Deliver Business Insights & Improved Decision-making


We are big on data and we are great at finding the answers to the questions which management often have, by being excellent at making sense of the data.

To find the answers, we not only source and analyze the required data, but also visualize the refined data so that we can clarify the possible opportunity, problems, or risk to the business.

We are also aware that there are unknown opportunities, problems or risks in an organization. In this scenario, with access to large data sets and by applying our knowledge, creativity, and scientific methods, we can enable a business to take the appropriate action at an early stage.

We are proud solution-builders in the BI space.

We start with understanding the business and its products and processes.  From this, we identify and define the ideal metrics required to measure the business.

Once we have sourced the data and built the necessary data warehouses and ETLs, we work on the analysis and visualizations needed for us to provide the business with great insights.

As organizations become more complex, so do their systems and data.

Our analysts and architects are well equipped and tremendously skilled at analyzing data stores and systems to identify the entropy and subsequent improvement opportunities in this domain.
 We Create Agile Organisations

Organizations must change frequently and the quicker an organization can respond to an opportunity or threat, the more competitive it becomes.

However, change takes too long, and is too expensive and we know why.

That's why our Enterprise Architects can assist in reducing the time and cost of change through simpler and smarter Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Change practices.  At MOYO, we don't just debate enterprise architecture, we actually enjoy the physical "architecting".  
 We Design and Manage Business Solutions

Solution Design is at the core of our business. 

Regardless of whether the entire business needs to change or whether it is just a department, process, product or system, we have just the right skills, experience, and attitude to deliver sustainable and self-measuring business components.

Our Management Consultants, Business Analysts, Business and Solution Architects, Project Managers and Developers are world-class.

We strive to remain the best through keeping ahead of the times.

We specialize in:
  • Business Strategic Positioning and Business Context Models
  • Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Change Management
  • Business Process Design and Optimization
  • Application Design and Development
  • Package Evaluation, Selection and Implementation
  • Business Expansion Projects

 We Build Solutions

We build custom software solutions that are hosted either on premise or in the cloud with ongoing support from our team.

Our solutions are specific, bespoke solutions that are mostly client funded and owned.

We have built:
  • Time and attendance solutions
  • Pricing and billing solutions
  • Integration solutions
  • A Number of BI solutions including the sourcing of data, the data warehouses, presentation layers and web based front end solutions for data input


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