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The GPU Database for
Exponentially Growing Data
Faster BI dashboards and Data Science models.

Flexible enough for Big Data Science

SQream DB is the GPU database built with flexibility designed in, so you can query what you want, when you want it. With SQream DB's big data architecture, you don't need lengthy pre-aggregations, cubes, indexing or remodeling every time your query changes.

See how SQream DB is used with Tableau

Join on Anything

Always-on Compression

Delilver Insights Immediately

Combine data from many tables - JOIN any table, on any key (or keys), and without manual indexing or
SQream DB compresses everything, all the time. This helps saves disk I/O and PCI I/O. This is made possible with the power of the GPU.
Connect any BI tool and start deep diving into your data. No pre-planning or indexing necessary.

Ingest and Connectivity

Advanced SQL Support

Storage and Security

2TB / Hour / GPU
SQream DB can load up to 2TB per hour,
per GPU - while compressing and tagging data 

Saved Queries
Saved queries allow for faster repeatable operations, when only a few parameters change

Powerful Columnar Engine
SQream DB is a columnar database. This means the data highly compressed, and adding more data doesn't slow down your existing queries.

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