About SQream Technologies:

The increasing volume, velocity, and variety of data is driving the need for more efficient data management. SQream DB is a GPU powered SQL analytics database specifically designed to allow data scientists and developers to process, crunch and explore tens of terabytes to hundreds of terabytes with a stellar price/performance ratio for near real time analytics.

SQream DB fills the gap between in-memory solutions and powerful MPP databases, with the innovative use of powerful, yet cost-effective GPUs.
Using SQream DB, an organization can data mine actionable intelligence from the white noise in hot and warm data generating business value through identification of additional revenue opportunities.

SQream performs cost effectively at scale so that IT organization can deliver an increased level of service to its analytics consuming constituents in the lines of business.

In 2017, MOYO Business Advisory became a value added partner of SQream and have rolled out successful POC's in South Africa. Click here to contact us for more information.

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